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Doctor/Podcaster's Advice on Post-Residency Life | Power Hour

Dr. Nii Darko, creator of Docs Outside the Box podcast, shares how to make a smooth transition from resident to practicing physician.

A trauma surgeon who’s worked in Locum Tenens positions across the country, Dr. Nii knows from first-hand experience what it takes to build a fulfilling medical career.

Here, he delivers his trademark authentic advice on what he wishes he would have known as he made the jump from residency to practice.

Listen in on this dynamic and informative Power Hour, as Dr. Nii discusses:

  • How you should approach your job search.

  • Why it’s so important to be discerning (and what you need to consider) as you choose your first job.

  • What your first three months of practice could bring and how to set yourself up for success.

View Recording with Dr. Nii on transitioning from resident to practicing physician.