Locum Tenens: Asking the Right Questions

After completing your residency, you may want to explore your employment options and travel. If so, locum tenens may be right for you.

Use Us as Your Locum Tenens Resource

At Provider Solutions & Development, we are locum tenens experts, offering you guidance on getting started, working with an agency and understanding the finer points of a contract.

Our locum tenens team aligns with an agency operating model, working with you to match your passion and purpose to the right job. For more than 20 years, PS&D has been helping residents discover locum tenens opportunities within Providence's 51-hospital network. Reach out to one of our experts today for more information about the locum tenens lifestyle.

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Provider Solutions & Development offers complimentary resources, including one-on-one career coaching, toolkits, seminars and training.